Enchant Your Holidays with a Harry Potter Christmas Tree

The holiday season is a time for joy, warmth, and togetherness. For many, it’s also a time to indulge in traditions that have been passed down through generations. But what if you could add a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations? That’s precisely what a “Harry Potter Christmas tree” can offer. In recent years, this enchanting trend has taken the wizarding world by storm, allowing fans to infuse their festive decorations with the charm of J.K. Rowling’s beloved series. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the creation of your very own Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree, ensuring your holiday season is truly spellbinding.

harry potter christmas tree

1. The Base: Choosing the Tree

Before the enchantment begins, you need the perfect canvas. Your choice of Christmas tree is crucial, as it will serve as the foundation for your Harry Potter-themed masterpiece. The size, shape, and type of tree you choose can have a significant impact on the final result.


Consider the available space in your home. If you have a cozy living room, a smaller tree might be more appropriate. On the other hand, larger spaces can accommodate grand, towering trees. Ensure that your tree fits comfortably within your chosen location.

Artificial or Real

While some prefer the authenticity and fragrance of a real tree, artificial trees are more convenient and can be reused for many years. The choice is yours.

2. The Wizarding World Comes to Life

Once you’ve selected your tree, it’s time to infuse it with the magic of Harry Potter. Here are some enchanting ideas to get you started:

Hogwarts House Colors

Start by decorating your tree with the colors of the four Hogwarts houses – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. You can use ornaments, ribbons, or tinsel in house colors to create a themed look. This not only adds a touch of magic but also allows family members to proudly represent their house.


Harry Potter-themed ornaments are a must. Look for ornaments featuring iconic symbols like Hogwarts crests, golden snitches, broomsticks, and spellbooks. You can even add character figurines or miniature props like Harry’s glasses and wand.

Floating Candles

 Recreate the Great Hall’s enchanting ambiance by suspending LED candles from the ceiling above the tree. This illusion of floating candles is a delightful nod to Hogwarts.

Tree Skirt

Replace the traditional tree skirt with one that represents the Marauder’s Map or any other magical motif from the series.

House Scarves

You can drape house scarves over the branches of your tree to add a cozy and authentic touch. These scarves not only bring warmth to the decor but also showcase your allegiance to a particular house.

Owl Post

Hang small toy owls from the branches to create the feeling of receiving mail from the Owl Post, just like in the Wizarding World.

Miniature Trunk

Place a small Hogwarts-style trunk under the tree as a prop. You can even add luggage tags with character names for that extra touch of authenticity.

Wizard Hats and Wands

Incorporate miniature wizard hats and wands into the decoration for an added magical effect. These can be hung as ornaments or tucked into the branches.

3. DIY Ornaments and Crafts

Get your creative juices flowing by making your own Harry Potter-themed ornaments and decorations. This personal touch adds uniqueness to your tree and allows you to involve the whole family in the creative process.

Golden Snitches

Craft golden snitches from ping pong balls, glitter, and feathers. These DIY snitches can be hung on the tree and are a fun project for all ages.

Potion Bottles

Create small potion bottle ornaments using tiny glass bottles, colorful liquids, and handwritten labels that mimic potion ingredients from the series.

House Banners

Craft miniature house banners to hang on your tree. These can be made from fabric or paper and adorned with house crests.

Spellbook Ornaments

Craft miniature spellbooks using felt, ribbon, and cardstock. You can also add handwritten spells for a personal touch.

4. Themed Tree Topper

To complete the look, crown your Harry Potter Christmas tree with a themed tree topper. You can choose from various options:

Sorting Hat

Place a miniature sorting hat on top of your tree, as if it’s sorting your tree into one of the Hogwarts houses.

Golden Snitch

A golden snitch tree topper is a delightful way to add a touch of magic to your tree’s pinnacle.

Hogwarts Crest

A Hogwarts crest tree topper represents the pinnacle of wizarding education.

5. Harry Potter Christmas Tree Skirt and Decor

Don’t forget to pay attention to the area beneath the tree. A tree skirt or decorative base can add an extra layer of magic to your setup. Consider a Marauder’s Map-themed tree skirt, a snowy scene from Hogsmeade, or even a magical forest representation.

Bringing the Wizarding World Home

Creating a Harry Potter Christmas tree is not just about decorating; it’s about bringing the magic of the Wizarding World into your home. As you work on your tree, encourage family members to get involved and share their love for the series. This project can become a cherished annual tradition for your family, one that combines the joy of the holidays with the enchantment of Harry Potter.

Including Harry Potter Characters

Don’t forget to include iconic Harry Potter characters in your tree’s decorations. Miniature ornaments featuring Harry, Hermione, Ron, and other beloved characters will bring your tree to life.

Harry Potter Tree Skirt

To keep the theme consistent, consider using a Harry Potter-themed tree skirt. You can purchase one, or, for a more personal touch, create your own using fabric and fabric paint. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity and love for the wizarding world.

The Magic of Music

Set the mood for your Harry Potter Christmas with the enchanting soundtrack from the movies. Create a playlist featuring music from the films to transport you to the magical world of wizards, witches, and fantastical creatures.

Creating a Themed Tree Display

The presentation of your tree is just as important as the decorations themselves. Consider placing your tree near a window where it can catch the light during the day. You can even add magical elements around the base of the tree, like a plush owl or a cauldron.

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Extend the magic of your Harry Potter Christmas tree to the gifts you place beneath it. Consider Harry Potter-themed gifts, like wizarding wands, Hogwarts scarves, or even a Marauder’s Map. These thoughtful gifts will thrill any Harry Potter fan. Don’t forget to stuff stockings with small wizarding world goodies, like chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Sharing the Magic

Share your Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree with the world. Take photos and share them on social media using unique hashtags like #HarryPotterChristmasTree. You’ll likely inspire others to create their own magical holiday decorations.


A Harry Potter Christmas tree is more than just a seasonal decoration; it’s a tribute to a beloved literary and cinematic world that has captured the hearts of millions. Creating your own Harry Potter-themed tree allows you to relive the magic of the series and share it with friends and family during the most enchanting time of the year. So, this holiday season, let your inner wizard or witch shine by crafting a Harry Potter Christmas tree that will leave everyone spellbound. It’s a magical tradition that can be enjoyed for years to come, spreading the joy of both Christmas and Harry Potter throughout your home.


Q1. How can I make a Harry Potter-themed tree topper?

You can create a unique tree topper by crafting a sorting hat or a miniature Hogwarts castle. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made Harry Potter-themed tree toppers online.

Q.2 Where can I find Harry Potter-themed ornaments?

You can find Harry Potter-themed ornaments at various online retailers, specialty stores, and even at official Harry Potter merchandise shops. You can also create your own DIY ornaments for a personalized touch.

Q3. What music should I play for a Harry Potter Christmas tree?

Creating a playlist featuring music from the Harry Potter films is a great way to set the mood. The official soundtracks are readily available for streaming or purchase.

Q4. Are there specific Harry Potter-themed tree skirts available?

Yes, you can find pre-made Harry Potter-themed tree skirts online. However, you can also create your own using fabric and fabric paint for a personalized touch.

Q5. How can I share my Harry Potter Christmas tree on social media?

Take high-quality photos of your tree and share them on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to use popular Harry Potter-related hashtags to reach a broader audience.

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